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Property Shoal Limited Trading as Stay Shoal Terms and Conditions

Payment will be taken immediately using the card details provided when booking. Should your card be declined, alternative card details should be provided within 24 hours or your booking will be cancelled. Cancellations should be made 7 days prior to arrival; otherwise payment will be taken in full.

A deposit will be pre-authorised prior to your arrival using the card that you used for the reservation. Upon check out the property will be inspected and the pre-authorisation released assuming there are no damages.

By making this booking you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, which can be found below.

Rental Agreement
This Short Term Rental Agreement (hereinafter: the “Agreement”) is entered into and made effective as of the signing date by and between the Property Owner/Operator (“Owner”) and the Guest (together – the “Parties”). Terms not specified in this Agreement shall be in accordance with the House rules or the Reservation policies which are provided separately by the Owner.
The parties agree as follows:

Accommodation Terms;

The Guest agrees to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by local laws.

The Guest shall behave in a respectful manner and shall be good neighbours respecting the rights of the surrounding property owners. Creating a disturbance of the above nature shall be grounds for immediate termination of this agreement.

The Guest commits not to use the property for any illegal or commercial purpose, including but not limited to sub-lease the property or otherwise allowing anyone or more people to stay above the maximum permitted or if not previously agreed with the Owner.

The Guest is responsible for any breakage or damage costs (or related costs) in or to the property – along with any extra costs that may result – which are caused by the Guest or any members of the Guest’s party.

The Owner can refuse to allow the Guest into the property or ask the Guest to leave if they reasonably believe the Guest or any member of the Guest’s party (or any other person invited by the Guest to the property) are behaving illegally or that any damage is likely to be caused, has been caused or is being caused as a result of the Guest behaviour or any members the Guest has invited to the property and without providing a refund of any payment the Guest has paid for the booking and the Owner will not be legally responsible to find any alternative accommodation.

Parking is limited to designated parking areas only.

The Guest must not hold events (such as parties, celebrations or meetings) at the property without the advance written consent of the Owner. Any of these cases will allow the Owner to terminate the Agreement without providing a refund of any payment the Guest has paid for the booking and the Owner will not be legally responsible to find any alternative accommodation.

The Guest must allow the Owner or their representative (including workmen), with reasonable notice, access to the property at any reasonable time during your stay (except in an emergency or if a problem needs sorting out quickly and you cannot be contacted in time. In these situations, the owner can enter the property at any time without giving you prior notice).

The Guest is obliged not to make any changes in the rented property without prior receipt of agreement from the Owner in writing.

By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, as acknowledged by signature below, the Guest waives, discharges and agrees to hold harmless Owner from all damages or injuries arising from or related to the Guest stay at Property, including without limitation, any accidents or injury to the Guest, Guest’s visitors and associates, and loss of money, jewellery or valuables of any kind. The Guest is responsible for keeping his valuables safe at all times.

Additional Policies such as Rates and Fees, Check-In/Out Time, Cancellations, Minimum Stay, Smoking, Pets, Maximum Guests allowed, Children and age, Security Deposit etc. will be according to the House rules or the Reservation policies which are provided separately by the Owner.

Any change and/or in addition to this Agreement, House rules, and Reservation Policy will be valid only if it is carried out in writing and all sides have signed.

Any announcement sent to either of each side from the other by registered post in accordance with the precise address written in the introduction of this contract will be considered if received after 96 hours from the time of sending it from the post office.

This Agreement (including any House rules or Reservation policy) expresses and reflects all that was agreed between the parties and cancels any agreements and/or other understandings between them.

Privacy & Cookie use policy;
This is an online booking platform created by Guesty that allows guests or tenants to perform online booking or reservations of properties and rooms from Guesty clients who are Property managers or Property Owners. The Guesty platform includes the websites, apps and related online services, together the “Service”.
This Privacy Policy describes how your information is collected, used and shared when you use the Service.
The Service is intended for use by Property managers or Property Owners and in accordance with their instructions and is provided to you by them as is.
Property managers or Property Owners act as Data controllers and are responsible for the collection and use of any data that you submit or provide through the Service and such use is governed by the terms they have in place with Guesty who was authorized by them to act as Data processor of your personal information.
In addition to this privacy statement, Property managers or Property Owners may have additional policies or codes of conduct which will apply in relation to your use of the Service. If you have any questions about your use of the Service, please contact your Property managers or Property Owners.
I. What kind of personal information is collected?
The following kind of personal information is collected from you:

  • Your contact information, such as full name, phone and email address; billing information;
  • Billing details
  1. Use of collected information
    Property managers or Property Owners will share the information that it collects with Guesty, as provider of the platform, in order to allow Guesty to provide and support the Service:

Communicating with users and administrators regarding their use of the Service;

Enhancing the security and safety of the Service for, such as by investigating suspicious activity or violations of applicable terms or policies;

Developing new tools, products or services within the Service;

-Associating activity on the Service across different devices operated by the same individual to improve the overall operation of the Service;

-To identify and fix bugs that may be present;
conducting data and system analytics, including research to improve the Service.

III. Disclosure of information
Property Managers or Property Owners may disclose the information collected in the following ways:

-To third-party service providers that assist in providing various services to you as a guest;

-To third-party apps, websites or other services that Property managers or Property Owners connected to through the Service;

-To protect the safety of any person; to address fraud, security or technical issues;

-In connection with a subpoena, warrant, discovery order or other request or order from a law enforcement agency.

  1. Accessing, modifying, exporting or deleting your information
    You and your Property managers or Property Owners may access, correct, export or delete information that you have submitted to the Service using the tools within the Service (for example, editing your personal information). If you are not able to do so using the tools provided in the Service, you should contact your Property managers or Property Owners directly for access, modification, export or deletion of your personal information.
    V. Third-party links and content
    The Service may contain links to content maintained by third parties that your Property managers or Property Owners does not control. You should review the privacy policies of each website that you visit.
    VI. Children’s privacy
    We do not knowingly or intentionally collect information about children who are under 13 years of age.
    VII. Cookies
    Property managers or Property Owners and their third-party website analytics and marketing providers (such as Google) use cookies on the Service. Cookies are packets of information sent by our servers to your web browser and then sent back by the browser each time it accesses our servers. The cookies may contain a variety of information, such as the web pages you have accessed, session durations and IP addresses. Cookies are used for various purposes, such as to collect statistical information about your use of the Service and save you the need to re-login with your username and password when you use the Service.

This information is used to make websites work more efficiently, as well as to provide business and marketing information, and to gather such personal data as browser type and operating system, referring page, path through site, domain of ISP, etc. for the purposes of understanding how visitors use a website. Cookies and similar technologies help us tailor our website to your personal needs, as well as to detect and prevent security threats and abuse.
When you first visit the website you are provided the option to accept use of marketing and tracking cookies for a three-month period.
If you wish to block cookies, you may do so through your browser’s settings or using the option in the service website for blocking marketing cookies. You can delete cookies that are already on your computer and you can set your browser to prevent them from being placed going forward. Please refer to the browser’s help menu for further information. However, please bear in mind that disabling cookies may adversely affect your user experience on the Service. To learn more about how to reject cookies, visit

VIII. Changes to the privacy policy
This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. When updated the “Effective date” above will be amended and the new Privacy Policy will be posted online.
IX. Contact
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact your Property manager or Property Owner using contact email provided.

This Agreement and Contract (the “Agreement”) is a legally binding agreement made and entered into as of the Reservation Date written below by and between the undersigned person(s) or company (the “Guest”) and the undersigned owner, manager or agent (“Rental Agent”), pursuant to which the Guest has agreed to rent the residence described below (the “Property”), for the duration of the Rental Term for the Total Rental Fee and other good and valuable consideration as described herein.

Guest agrees that no more than the agreed persons shall be permitted on the Property at any time during the Rental Term, all of whom shall comply with the conditions and restrictions imposed upon Guest under this Agreement.

The Property is provided in “as is” condition. Rental Agent shall use its best efforts to ensure the operation of all amenities in the Property, such as internet access, satellite or cable TV access or hot tubs, fireplaces as applicable. The Rental Agent shall not be held responsible for such items failure to work, but will make every effort to correct any issues as reported as quickly as possible. Guest’s acknowledge that use of amenities such as hot tubs, pools, spas, fireplaces, decks, and the like may be potentially dangerous and involve potential risks if improperly used, particularly with regard to children and such use is at the Guest’s own risk.
Guests shall use the Property for residential purposes only and in a careful manner to prevent any damage or loss to the Property and keep the Property in clean and sanitary condition at all times. Guests and any additional permitted guests shall refrain from loud noise and shall not disturb, annoy, endanger, or inconvenience neighbours, nor shall Guest use the Property for any immoral, offensive or unlawful purposes, nor violate any law, association rules or ordinance, nor commit waste or nuisance on or about the Property.

If Guest should fail to comply with the conditions and obligations of this Agreement, Guest shall surrender the Property, remove all Guest’s property and belongings and leave the Property in good order and free of damage. No refund of any portion of the Total Rental Fee shall be made and if any legal action is necessary, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reimbursement from the other party for all costs incurred.

Guests shall not assign or sublease the Property or permit the use of any portion of the Property by other persons who are not family members or guests of the Guest and included within the number of and as permitted occupants under this Agreement.

Guest agrees that all personal property, furnishings, personal effects and other items brought into the Property by Guest or their permitted guests and visitors shall be at the sole risk of Guest with regard to any theft, damage, destruction or other loss and Rental Agent shall not be responsible or liable for any reason whatsoever.
Guest hereby covenants and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Rental Agent and their agents, owners, successors, employees and contractors from and against any costs, damages, liabilities, claims, legal fees and other actions for any damages, costs, attorneys fees incurred by Guest, permitted guests, visitors or agents, representatives or successors of Guest due to any claims relating to destruction of property or injury to persons or loss of life sustained by Guest or family and visitors of Guest in or about the Property and Guest expressly agrees to save and hold Rental Agent harmless in all such cases.

Guest hereby waives and releases any claims against Rental Agent, the Property owner and their successors, assigns, employees or representatives, officially or otherwise, for any injuries or death that may be sustained by Guest on or near or adjacent to the Property, including any common facilities, activities or amenities. Guest agrees to use any such facilities or amenities entirely at the Guest’s own initiative, risk and responsibility.

Rental Agent reserves the right to enter the Property at reasonable times and with reasonable advance notice for the purposes of inspecting the Property or showing the Property to prospective purchasers, renters or other authorized persons. If a Rental Agent has a reasonable belief that there is imminent danger to any person or property, Rental Agent may enter the Property without advance notice.

In the event the Property is not available for use during the Rental Term due to reasons, events or circumstances beyond the control of Rental Agent, Rental Agent will apply due diligence and good faith efforts to locate a replacement property that equals or exceeds the Property with respect to occupancy capacity, location and value that meets the reasonable satisfaction of the Guest. If such replacement property cannot be found and made available, Rental Agent shall immediately return all payments made by the Guest, whereupon this Agreement shall be terminated and Guest and Rental Agent shall have no further obligations or liabilities in any manner pertaining to this Agreement.

In addition to the standard terms included herein, Guest acknowledges and agrees that the following additional terms and conditions apply to the Guest’s rental of the Property:
1.1 You must be 18 years or over when you book your accommodation. Your booking is made as a consumer and you acknowledge that no liability can be accepted for any losses suffered or incurred by you.
1.2 We reserve the right to refuse to accept any booking for whatever reason.
1.3 You may arrive at your accommodation after 3pm (except if it is stated different) on the start day of your booking and, unless otherwise agreed, you must leave by 10am on the last day. If you fail to arrive by midnight on the day of the start date and do not advise us of a late arrival we may treat the booking as being cancelled by you
1.4 If the number of people permitted to occupy an apartment/house is exceeded (which would be in breach of Health and Safety Regulations) we reserve the right to move excess occupants and charge for additional apartments/house or require the excess occupants to vacate the property.
1.5 Should payment not reach us within the required time we reserve the right to cancel any bookings made and any deposit paid will be forfeit.
1.6 Card details to cover breakages and damages are required. These can be charged up to five (5) working days after the guests stayed in the property. Charges are only applied provided the following provisions are not met:
– No damage is done to property or its contents.
– No charges are incurred due to illegal activity, pets or additional services rendered during the stay.
– All debris, rubbish and discards are placed in rubbish bin, and soiled dishes are cleaned.
– All keys are left in the keybox/keynest and the accommodation is left locked.
– All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure.
– No linens are lost or damaged.
– NO early arrival or late departure, unless agreed with the bookings team and additional charge paid. Should late checkout not be agreed a £50 charge will be charged to the deposit fee.

– If the keys and parking permit are lost or not returned the guest will pay for the replacement.
– NO smoking within the apartment.
– The renter is not evicted by the owner (or representative of the owner) or the local law enforcement.

1.7 We expect the apartment to be left in a reasonable state on departure. If, at our discretion, additional cleaning is required on departure, the cost of this cleaning will be charged as an additional charge.
1.8 Where there is evidence of guests smoking within the property, we reserve the right to charge £100 for specialist cleaning. Should any damage be caused due to smoking in the property an additional £50 will be charged, if an item is to be replaced due to damage the cost of the item will be taken from the deposit.

1.9 Pets are not permitted in our rental units (unless stated on the booking channel)
2.0 If cancelled or modified up to 14 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged except if it is stated any different at the time of booking. If cancelled or modified later or in case of no-show, the total price of the reservation will be charged.
2.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the owners will issue to the client or guest one set of keys to the property. If at any time the client or guest loses the keys, they must notify us as soon as possible and we will instruct a locksmith to change the lock/key(s) and charge the client or guest.
2.2 Any lost property left at the property will be kept for a maximum of 30 days, should the guest require the property to be returned this will be at the guests cost.

This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties with regard to the rental of the Property, and any changes, amendments or modifications hereof shall be void unless the same are in writing and signed by both the Guest and the Rental Agent. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. The words “Rental Agent” and “Guest” shall include their respective heirs, successors, representatives. The waiver or failure to enforce any breach or provision of this Agreement shall not be considered a waiver of that or any other provision in any subsequent breach thereof. If any provision herein is held invalid, the remainder of the Agreement shall not be affected. Any notice required to be given under this Agreement shall be in writing and sent to the contact information included herein. This Agreement may be signed in one or more counterparts, each of which is an original, but taken together constitute one in the same instrument.
Execution of a digital signature, signature or ticking the tickbox to agree you have read the terms and conditions shall be deemed a valid signature and agreement to all terms and conditions.

Hereby Signed:

Guest Name;