Stay Shoal is a family owned company passionate about delivering high end accommodation for our guests whilst offering our Landlords a hands off experience as well as guaranteeing their rent throughout the duration of the agreement.

Arrange an initial phone call with the Landlord or Agent to introduce ourselves and outline our services

Visit the home to see the home is suitable for our guests

Go away and analyse the proposal in readiness to make the Landlord an offer

If the Landlord is happy with the proposal we will prepare a company let agreement to look over and sign

We will prepare the property to show home condition standard and look to return it in the same condition at the end of the agreement

The Landlord will receive regular guaranteed monthly rental payments for the duration of the agreement

Why Stay Shoal?

No Deposit Disputes

No Voids or Arrears

No Tenant Issues

Quality, Piece of Mind and Integrity Assured

Guaranteed rent throughout the length of the contract

Dealing with a fully compliant company

General Maintenance included

Satisfied Clients

Regular Cleans and Inspections